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Bishop Michael Eldon Dies

Bishop Michael Eldon, the first Bahamian Bishop of the Bahamas and  Turks and Caicos, died yesterday monring at Princess Margaret Hospital. he was 79 years old.

Bishop Eldon, a clergyman and educator for more than 40 years, was called a man of great faith.  He was first ordained as a deacon at Christ Church Cathedral in 1954 and became a priest in 1955. he was the first Bahamian to teach at St John’s College.  In 1962, Eldon was appointed parish priest in Grand Bahama where he served until 1971 when he was elected bishop suffragan. He became the Diocesan Bishop in 1972, serving in that capacity until his retirement in 1996.

In 20o5 Bishop Eldon suffered from medical complications including recurring pneumonia, blood poisoning and heart and respiratory problems.  He was placed on life support at that time.

Over the past two years he has been cared for in hosptial in a comatose state.

Born to Sydney and Rowena Eldon in 1931, Bishop Eldon is survived by his younger sister Dr Keva Bethel, Nicolette Bethel Burrows and her husband Philip, his nephew Edward Clement, wife Tasha and their 4-year-old son, along with many other cousins and relatives.

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