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More Proof of Our Dysfunctional Legal System

Defence Attorney Murio Ducille applied for a stay of proceedings during a Constitutional Motion hearing for his murderous clients, Daron Shawn Pratt, 39, and George Williams, 33, who were charged in connection with the October 14, 2001 murder of 21-year-old Sarado Pinder.

The pair has been awating trial for seven years.

Now they get to walk free.


Because the Attorney General’s office and the police force are filled with corrupt individuals who, for money, ensure that  trials are delayed long enough to set their paymasters free.

In Supreme Court on Tuesday, Senior Justice Hartman Longley presided over the Constitutional Motion hearing.

Defence Attorney Ducille, who mysteriously manages to get numeorus murderers back on the streets,  submitted that his client has already spent approximately three years in prison on remand and the fact that the matter has not yet been heard is an unreasonable delay.

Neither Williams, nor his attorney, was present.

According to Ducille, in the normal course of things, the matter would have already been brought in a reasonable time.

But due to the help of corrupt and incompetent people in the legal system, that didn’t happen.

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