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‘Phony’ Bishop Soils Martin Luther King’s Legacy

In an affront to Martin luther King Jr.,  self-proclaimed Bahamian ‘bishop’  Neil Ellis was inducted into the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame at The Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site.

Mr King is probably rolling over in his grave.

Ellis, the head of Mount Tabor Full Gospel Baptist Church in Nassau, made himself a bishop several years ago becasuie he realized that as a ‘bishop’ he could get more money fpor speaking engagements at churches owned by corrupt pastors around the world.

Phony churches, those created soley to enrich their ‘pastors’ are an abomination of the Lord and The Bahamas has its share of them.

When the pastors are not flying around in their private planes, raping young women (and men) in their congregations or living large on donations from spiritually challenged donors, they are usally seen giving each other otherwise meaningless awards.

The International Civil Rights Walk of Fame, created in 2004, has lost any spiritual credibility and is now nothing more than a tourist attraction in the city of Atlanta.

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