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Sex Beast Pastor Left High and Dry by Attorney

Perverted pastor Randy Fraser was left high and dry by his attorney Wayne Munroe.

Fraser, 53, the presumably perverted pastor of Pilgrim Baptist Temple on St James Road, is accused of having a sexual affair with a child he was supposed to be counseling. If convicted, he faces seven years in prison.

Fraser and his law firm have played every trick in the book, causing numeorus delays and postponements of a trial that should have been open and shut.

Last week, Fraser was to testify again in open court for further cross-examination, however the trial had to be adjourned… again.  How convenient for Fraser.

Not only did Munroe not show up, his assistant Jairam Mangra called in sick at the last minute, leaving the lusty pastor without representation.

Fraser told the magistrate: “I have hired Mr Munroe, with Mr Mangra’s assistance. This is a very serious matter. I would want either of them to be here.”

Magistrate Carolita Bethell expressed her frustration saying she was “not happy at all” with Mr Munroe.

She said Mr Munroe was not making himself available and that he had left his client “stranded”.  The magistrate noted that she had moved several cases to accommodate Fraser’s circus-like trial and said that it was “unconscionable to leave the defendant stranded in the middle of his defence.”

Bethel warned Fraser that if his counsel is absent when the case resumes on March 15, he would be “on his own” or may have to find another attorney.  Fraser remains on $10,000 bail.

The sex beast pastor testified earlier that the semen found all over the carpet in his church office was from when he had sex with his wife, not the young girl he is accused of molesting.

Either way, it appears the pastor was not focusing on the good word of the Lord while hanging around his office.

It is beyond comprehension that the people who attend services at Fraser’s church would not want to get rid of him.

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