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Threats To Reveal FNM Party Secrets

Senior FNM councilman Ivoine Ingraham is allegedly threatening to disclose the party’s dirty secrets now that his secret deal to keep quiet has expired.

Ingraham claims he was paid to keep his mouth shut at the FNM party’s last convention, when he was passed up for the job of Party Chairman, which was given to Carl Bethel.

Bethel, long considered an incompetent putz, was fired from the Cabinet and made chairman, replacing Johnlee Ferguson, who was removed from the post unceremoniously.

To cover up the distasteful backroom politics, both Ingraham and Ferguson were allegdly paid money to make it appear as if an orderly transition had occurred.  The deals, reportedly in the high five figures, were allegedly arranged for the FNM by Deputy Prime Minister Brent Symonette.

Both of the hapless politcians expected to receive appointments, but were ignored.

Now, it appears that the gravy train has run its course and Ivoine is not going to take that sitting down.

It reflects poorly on Ivoine that, not because he is disgusted with corrupt politics, nor because his morals force him to do the right thing, but rather because the bribery payments are stopping, does he come forward.

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