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Davis: Bravery or Bravado?

It was good to hear the leader of the opposition state that his party would be taking the high road as the election 2012 campaigning begins in earnest.

I was proud that he used the opportunity afforded him to do that; apparently his deputy leader did not get the memo. Thursday morning’s front page of The Nassau Guardian has Mr.Davis suggesting “that the failure of the Free National Movement administration to create sufficient jobs to deal with the country’s unemployment problem led to the untimely deaths of Bahamians”.

What is implied that there are Bahamians who commit crimes to pay their bills, and while that is a reality for persons in many countries, it makes a big difference in the overall psyche of a nation when those who lead use their opportunities of speaking to take the high road.

There are  persons in this country who see poverty and bills as an excuse for doing a lot of bad stuff, but those who lead should not be numbered among them. The bills are real but this reality should never be used by anyone to plant seeds that will give well-meaning individuals the thought of “working something” if things are getting rough financially.

We forget that before 1967 it was okay to live at a particular level. Many persons living at that level found a way to send their children to college, children who became doctors, lawyers, accountants and prime ministers.

What has happened to us that give those who lead the temerity to speak to us so offensively? Most of what has been gained by Bahamians has come from hard work, and many situations can be remedied by stepping back and scheduling our priorities instead of prioritizing our schedule; doing what is best for ourselves and our country.

If we are to succeed those who lead are going to have to put their best foot forward instead of putting their foot “in it”, just to make a point.

By: Edward Hutcheson
Nassau, Bahamas
March, 2011

Posted in Opinions

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