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Perry Blabs On and On and On

Now this is funny!  The ultimate procrastinator, Perry Christie, says he will form a new cabinet “instantaneously” if (God help us) the Progressive Liberal Party were to win the next election.

This is funny for two reasons:

1. because there is no way in Hell that the PLP will win the next election.  Only the most criminally-minded of Bahamians would vote for a do-nothing party filled with crooks and charletans.

2. Perry Chrsite can’t even decide which side of his mouth to talk out of, let alone choose Cabinet members in a quick decisive manner.

Mr Christie, you will remember, took months to select the band of misfits he called his Cabinet after his election in 2002.

Now, the hapless Christie says the preparation for, and selection of, cabinet ministers would be done “immediately” upon his election.

Of course, the dimwitted Christie did not say who he would select from among the bandits in his party, but he said members of parliament were “being observed.”

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