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Corrupt Cops Getting Free Pass

Months after filing a complaint against 10 alleged corrupt police officers in Grand Bahama, Families for Justice Founder Pastor Glenroy Bethel is now crying foul on the Royal Bahamas Police Force for its inaction and is calling on the chief of police to intervene.

According to Bethel, the officers range in rank from constable to inspector and the crimes they are accused of committing are no good for Grand Bahama, any community or any police force for that matter.

Bethel said, he was told that the matter would be looked into, however, the organization has no information on whether an investigation has been launched, yet, into the complaints.

“We must know because when you’re talking about home invasion, illegal firearms and abuse of an official position and abuse of government property to commit a crime and facts can be proven, nobody in any community should sit down and accept it,” he said.

Bethel said, the organization is also making a plea to the general public to partner with the police in helping them rid the Force of corrupt officers.

Families for Justice, he said, wants justice, it wants the matter not to be swept under the rug and it wants the alleged officers to be dealt with.

“We have a war on crime … Everybody is talking about crime and those who administer justice should not be above the law. So if this thing is found to be true, then some action needs to be taken against those officers who have been found guilty of such crimes,” Bethel said.

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