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Melvin Maycock Gets a Little Help From His Friends

Crooked police officers and greedy MPs allegedly on Melvin Maycock’s payroll may be helping the drug kingpin escape prosecution and extradition.

It has become rather obvious that something is wrong with this picture.

Drug kingpin Melvin Maycock Sr has eluded prosecution and extradition for years, despite compelling evidence that shows his involvement as a major player in the illegal drug business.

It is difficult to believe that anybody could wiggle out of so many close calls without the help of senior police officers and MPs.

Mr Maycock was arrested once and held at Central Police station overnight. Sometime during the night, he escaped. Officials found his son, Melvin Maycock Jr, in the cell the next morning.

Despite the obvious corruption involved, no police officer has ever been prosecuted for aiding and abetting in Maycocks’ escape.

Maycock has been arrested numerous times and, despite compelling evidence, he has always been released on bail. That could not happen except for certain people being overly-sympathetic to Maycock’s plight.

Mr Maycock has also eluded extradition to the United States, where he is wanted for his alleged role as the head of a Caribbean-based multinational drug smuggling gang.  Again, the actions that have occurred leave many with the impression that Mr Maycock may have a close “working relationship” with high-ranking officials.

Over the past weekend, Maycock was arrested with two others after police found $1.6 million in drugs in a home on Blake Road. Maycock, who is nicknamed Big Mel, appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Carolita Bethell on two counts of conspiracy to possess drugs with intent to supply.

The three men have been remanded into custody at Her Majesty’s Prison until their bail hearing on Wednesday. It is expected that Mr Maycock will, once again, be released on bail.

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