The Bahamas Reaping Woe

Crime and social distress are the result of a society failing it’s people and the Bahamas is “reaping a harvest of woe”.

According to the editor of a local daily newspaper this is most obvious in the “decrepit criminal justice system, which has become little more than a cruel revolving door for so very many young men and women.”  No one would disagree with that.

The writer states: “Many of the more fiendish crimes are committed by men and women, who are ill, estranged from themselves, and civilized society.

We must not forget that they are products of this so-called and self-styled civilized community. This is the core of The Bahamian dilemma, as regards crime and criminals.

Current indicators readily suggest that crime is continuing its slow, but steady burn in The Bahamas. Thousands of Bahamians are being ensnared in its coils, either directly or indirectly.”

He continues: “Children are being brutalized, and then murdered.

“To put the matter as delicately as possible, something is dreadfully wrong in this country.

“The man, who commits a rape today, was yesterday an abused and inadequately nurtured child. The teenaged girl, who is pregnant today, is yesterday’s girl-child who was not given the right care.

His simple, sad, defeated conclusion should deeply concern every decent Bahamian… if indeed, any are left.

“Regrettably, the beat continues.”