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The PLP’s Evil Agenda

Like restive Vultures, they hover above the political landscape in ominous silence. Watching, waiting, for a carcass to feast upon. Who are they? Why, the PLP of course. They hover above the Unions and misguided Bahamians, surreptitiously creating mischief and mayhem.

They were salivating at the prospect of a road kill of the BTC deal, so that they could gorge themselves all the way to 2012.

From the Ivy League educated politician to the street vendor, committed PLPs are linked by a common thread of xenophobia and an inferiority complex.

They struggle to deal with these intense conflicting emotions, secretly admiring the “White” man but reluctant to admit it.

In a recent speech to the new Border Control Recruits, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham said that his government has little tolerance “for dishonesty, for slackness, for bad company or bad habits.”

Prophetic words that so precisely describe the kind of individuals that comprise the core support base for the PLP.

These are the kind of Bahamians that were intentionally cultivated by the PLP from 1967 up to present.

The more dysfunctional they were, the more likely the PLP were assured of their support.

So it made sense for the PLP to indoctrinate them into believing that the Blacker you are, the more you despise foreigners, the more patriotic you are, and entitled to the bounties of The Bahamas, no matter if you work for it or “thief “it.

It really annoys me to see how leaders manipulate and abuse the term “democracy,” about all citizens being equal.

In my mind, Democracy should parallel Matthew 13:36 in the parable of the tares of the field. “let the wheat and tares grow together, at the time of harvest separate the wheat from the tares.”

We are all equal as citizens but not equal in ability or productivity. A large percentage of our workforce is only qualified for manual or menial labour.

If these unskilled Bahamians would accept jobs that they are suited for, we would have no need for “Haitian labour.”

This dangerous foolishness that the PLP keeps preaching has got to stop, it is wrong and wicked.

I speak about how they portray Bahamians as if we are saints.

Dis for Bahamians, dat for Bahamians.

Well if we are such saints who are responsible for all the killings, the robberies, the burglaries, the rapes, the institutionalized corruption and in-house stealings?

Who represents the market for stolen goods? Who? Who? Who?

Sounds like the kind of Bahamians who like slackness, dishonesty, bad company and indulge in bad habits. The kind of Bahamian who thinks he is entitled because he is black, biggety, and boorish. Typical PLP.

I hear them bragging about how educated and qualified Bahamians are these days.

They omitted to add selfish. Why can’t we get Bahamians to serve as doctors, nurses and teachers in the family islands?

The future of our nation, our youth, are being educated and medically cared for by the very foreigners PLPs despise and denigrate so much.

Every time you turn around they castigating foreigners and “White” people.

What I find amusing is the “Blacker” the PLP lawyer, the more he loves to run to the Privy Council in England. Well, the last time I checked, England was a foreign country, and the Law Lords are Lilly “White.”

These local lawyers have no confidence in our local jurists.

The other day, Mr. Johnny –come–lately politician, accused the FNM of catering to the rich (of course the PLP chose him because he is “poor”).

I am Black and relatively poor and I know not of any “poor” who can help me or The Bahamas.

Is Sol Kerzner poor? Is the Hutchison Group in Grand Bahama poor? Is the Grand Bahama Shipyard poor? Is the Grand Bahama Port Authority poor? Is Sandals in Exuma poor?

Sir Lynden benefited greatly from the poor, he died a wealthy man’ the Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham came from the belly of the poor; he too is a wealthy man.

Should the Speaker ask all members of Parliament to stand if they wish to be poor or sit if they wish to be wealthy? Not a one would stand. How can you help the poor without the intervention of the rich!

Let these PLP demigods explain how.

Both parties have their baggage; such is the nature of politics. But, I am convinced that the FNM attracts the majority of capable and high achieving Bahamians.

If we don’t put our best and brightest to the fore, dog will eat our lunch and turnaround and use us as trees. We are so fortunate to have so much in The Bahamas, but smart we are not.

How come Barbados continues to rate ahead of us in international surveys, and our Banks use them as home base?

In my opinion the PLP is a party with an evil agenda. They want power at any cost.

Perry Christie’s silly threat to C&W is a clear indication of how “low” they are willing to go. VOTER BEWARE! This is a critical period in our history, we cannot allow the PLP to return to power and “mongrelize” this wonderful Nation.

By: The Scribbler

Posted in Opinions

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