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Crooked Officers Suspected of Smuggling Guns

Guns are smuggled into the country using imported damaged vehicles, according to a local newspaper.

The paper fails to mention that the vast majority of the gun smuggling is being carried out by police and customs officers, the same people responsible for most of the illegal auto importation and automobile theft in The Bahamas.

According to the newspaper’s unidentified source, customs and police officers say they are not trained to properly search motor vehicles for illegal weapons. How convenient.

The Tribune tried to contact the senior command at the Royal Bahamas Police Force, but they were unavailable for comment on this matter… naturally. And National Security Minister Tommy Turnquest could not be contacted.

The gun trade may have connections to the South Florida stolen vehicle ring, alleged the paper’s source.

He said the wrecked motor vehicles are imported for spare parts at body repair shops and are also repaired for sale as second hand cars. Allegedly, used cars and trucks are also used.

Knowing that authorities can not possibly provide thorough searches, the crooked officers hide the guns in unlikely places inside the soon-to-be-imported vehicles.

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