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Saunders Beach Playground Adds To The Community

Children were seen enjoying the new Saunders Beach playground recently erected by the government. (BIS Photo / Gena Gibbs)

Nassau, The Bahamas – Relaxing on Saunders Beach gives Bahamian parents the weekends off and a breath of fresh air.  The government erected a slide, see-saw, and swing set on Saunders Beach to safely keep children entertained, while parents take a much needed break.

“I came out here for the atmosphere to let the kids play on the little kids’ playground.  I mean it isn’t officially finished yet, the bathroom and everything, but you could sit and catch the cool breeze under the trees and shade.  So I say, it’s a good thing,” said Anthony Riley, a Mason’s Addition resident.

“I started off the morning by getting some breakfast, sitting on the beach, and then I came over here, and let them have a little fun, and then after that, let them catch a little swim.”

The sounds of children’s laughter fills the air around the atmosphere of the new playground and bathroom, recently erected on Saunders Beach.  As parents relax on Casuarina benches, enjoying the ocean’s view, they are able to keep a close eye on their children interacting and playing with other kids in the playground.

“Right now, they are enjoying it, so far.  I mean, it ain’ like they want to go.  ‘Cause everytime I try tell them ‘let’s go’, they want jump on another swing or another slide,” said Mr. Riley.

“As you can see I was just sitting down inside the little swing right there, catching myself ‘cause pushing them constantly get me a little tired. So I say let me just catch a little break while I let them enjoy it.”

A Bahamian mother brought her two kids to the beach to get a break from home and to let the kids tire themselves out on the playground.

“I came out for the park and the beach and to have fun on a sunny day.  The kids are enjoying themselves and the swings and slides.  This gives me plenty break. I bring them out here to have their fun, and come and chill out and have my fun.  Yeah, I sit on the benches but now that the swing is here, I can swing,” said Nadia Davis of New Providence.

“They [the government] doing alright.  They put the swings for the children and that was great, and then the bathroom is right on the beach next to the playground for the children.  The kids are enjoying themselves in the water and on the slides and that’s it.”

By Gena Gibbs

Posted in Local News

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