Turnquest Salutes Public-Private Partnership Against Drugs and Crime

The Minister of National Security, the Hon. Tommy Turnquest, salutes the Bahamian workforce for its skill and dedication and for the invaluable role that it has and continues to play in the growth and development of our country. As our country celebrates Labor Day, it is hoped that professionalism and a commitment to excellence continue to be the mantra of our workforce.

Even as the country celebrates this special day, we all recognize the very serious challenges that drugs and crime present to the stability and productivity of a modern Bahamas. As the responsibility for public safety, falls within the purview of the Ministry of National Security, the Ministry fully acknowledges the fact that meaningful solutions and successes against the onslaught of drugs and crime will only come through a unified and focused effort involving every strata of our society.

The continued involvement in the drug trade by individuals within our communities, and the increasingly high levels of crime now demand that all well-meaning and positive- thinking citizens of the Bahamas unite to beat back the threat of drugs and crime, thereby eliminating the social ills and instability that they bring.

It was with this objective in mind, that Minister Turnquest some six months ago, directed the Director of the National Anti-Drug Secretariat to establish a partnership with the private sector to develop a national awareness campaign against drugs and crime. Acting upon this directive a partnership was established with the CEO Network, and to date under the theme: “Drugs and Crime, A Waste of Time: I Too Good Fa Dat” a number of events and programs are being developed. Included in this campaign are a number of public activities organized by the Ministry of National Security in collaboration with a Multi-Sectoral Planning Committee to commemorate “International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking”. These activities include a Church Service at St. Barnabas, a Fun Walk, and a Four-Point Solidarity March and Rally against drugs.

The Ministry is pleased that the various unions have agreed to support the national anti- drug and crime campaign, and considers it both timely and appropriate to have a number of representatives from several government agencies participate in the parades.  This cooperation shows the unity that is critical to the success of the Drugs and Crime campaign.

The Ministry is pleased to note that the CEO Network, in collaboration with the Ministry and the Labor Unions, has invited Mr. Armstrong Williams an internationally known syndicated TV and radio talk show host, to cover the parades and to co-host a series of programs with Ms. Debbie Bartlett. These programs will highlight the accomplishment of labor. They will also seek to outline the creative and aggressive plans of the Government and its private sector partners, to reduce the demand for drugs and minimize criminal activities in our communities.

Over the coming weeks more information will be provided on this very important national initiative and the critical need for public/private sector partnership.