Atlantis Sacks Corrupt Employees

A number of Atlantis workers have been sacked after bosses at the resort allegedly uncovered a major stealing ring.

At least 16 employees were let go after being accused by hotel chiefs of stealing by reason of employment.  Apparently they were selling room upgrades under the table.  They would go to hotel guests and offer them a room upgrade. Rather than charging the difference on a credit card, the crooked employees would make the guests pay cash and then pocket the money instead of turning it over to the hotel.

The Tribune reports that a source said:  “What they did was go to a guest and ask them if they wanted a better room. If the guest did, they would charge them a fraction of what an upgrade would normally cost, but tell them they would have to pay cash.

“If the guest agreed, the employee would pocket the money and split it between the maids and the bell men for their silence. Everyone was happy, the guests got better rooms and everyone got paid, except for Atlantis.”