Netflix Coming To The Bahamas

Excellent news for movie buffs. Netflix is exapanding into the
Bahamas. That could be bad news for Cable Bahamas, who recently
introduced their new REVTV product. Also, for Galleria Cinemas, who
charges an arm and a leg to watch movies in cramped little rooms with
lousy sound

But it is good news for just about everybody else..

The Nassau Guardian reports that Steve Swasey, vice-president of
corporate communications at Netflix, said he thought the timing is
right to launch the internet streaming service locally.

“Yes it is [launching in The Bahamas] later this year with Spanish,
Portuguese and English content,” he confirmed. “We were based only in
the U.S. until last year when we launched in Canada [and] we’ve seen
dramatic growth, and it’s been very rewarding to see that.

“We decided to push through to another market… The time is just
right for Netflix.”

Source: Nassau Guardian