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State Funeral For Gang Leader?

It may not be a traditional state funeral, but unusual amounts of government time, money and resources will be expended at the funeral of Dion ‘Emperor’ Knowles, who has already cost taxpayers a bundle.

Armed police will be on patrol when murdered gang leader Dion “Emperor” Knowles is buried next week. And several politicians, who want votes from the area, will be lurking in the shadows.

The time and place of the funeral is apparently being kept a close secret, but the fact that lots of armed police will be there is not.

Police say their presence is a safety precaution, but Knowles’ family has already said that police officers were among the many visitors to Knowles’ camp and that the alleged drug dealer was quite generous to them.

The Tribune, on Friday, July 29, 2011, reported talking to a family member who said:

“They had it on the media like he was the worst person in the world. He wasn’t wanted, he would be (at his home in Fox Hill) all the time. The police are in and out of here – when they weren’t in here looking for money from him. Who does beg more money from him than the police?”

It has also been confirmed that there will be an increased police presence at the the church and the graveyard for Knowles’ funeral.

In fact, according to the Tribune, Superintendent Stephen Dean said the services will be fully covered.

“Situations like this – we know how to handle. We know we have to be careful and we have to make the people who attend feel as safe and comfortable as possible.”

A police source told The Tribune that uniformed, plain clothes officers as well as SWAT officers will be in attendance. It is not clear if the Police Marching Band will be performing.

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