Housebreakers Get Slap on Wrist

Four men and a female, suspected of terrorizing the business community over the last three months, left court ready to steal again.

The group was charged with offenses alleged to have taken place between July 4 and September 21, 2011.

One of the suspects, American national Johnathan Alcegaire, alias “J Boy”, was was charged with numeorus crimes, including, shopbreaking, attempted shopbreaking, stealing from a shop, housebreaking and possession of dangerous drugs.

The 22 year old appeared in three defferent Magistrates Courts on Monday.

In Court 1, Magistrate Debbye Ferguson read out the 16 counts, which included the break-in at the BTC Seahorse Plaza office in which Alcegaire and another man, Darrin O’brian, 26, are charged.

On the drug count, the 22 year old was also charged with 22-year-old Chekhovia Bethel. However, police withdrew the charges against the female after Alcegaire guilty plea.

Alcegaire also plead guilty in Court 3 before Deputy Chief Magistrate Helen Jones to four counts of shopbreaking and four counts of stealing from a shop from the Good Food Restaurant, The Corner Shop and Meat Mart, the Mackey and Moxey Law Firm and the Working Man Bar.

The Watergate Apartments man was bound over to keep the peace for seven years and, in default, he is to spend three years at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Thirty-two-year-old Antonio Miller, aka “Toe,” of Hudson Estates, also appeared in Court 3 for being concerned with others for housebreaking and stealing from a dwelling house.

It is alleged that he and others unlawfully broke into and entered the dwelling house of Anishka Smith, of Mack Town, with the intent to steal.

Otis Brown and Adrian Mortimer were also called upon to answer to related charges.

It does not appear that anyone went to jail despite the numerous crimes involved.