Incompetence From AG’s Office Delays John Bull Case

John Bull - BahamasThe case against the three men who pulled off a brazen daytime robbery of one of Bay Street’s most venerable retail shops was postponed because prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office didn’t have their act together.

The Voluntary Bill of Indictment (VBI) that was expected to be presented against the three men charged with robbing the John Bull store earlier this year was delayed on Wednesday.

The Bill, which was to be served against Jasper Curry, David Collins and Jonathan Armbrister in Magistrate’s Court yesterday afternoon, would have sent the case directly to the Supreme Court for trial, bypassing a preliminary inquiry.

Magistrate Carolita Bethel postponed the case after prosecutor Sandradee Gardiner told  the court that the Bill had not been filed as yet and that she was unable to have the document ready.

The judge questioned why the VBI was not ready as the case had already been postponed a number of times.  Ms Gardiner assured the court that the Bill would be ready by Monday of next week.

Magistrate Bethel warned that this would be the final adjournment in this case and put the matter down to October 10.

All three defendants are on remand at Her Majesty’s Prison, Fox Hill.

And Bahamians wonder why there is a crime crisis.