New Magazine Launched – Essence Bahamas

Essence Bahamas Magazine

Nassau, Bahamas – A new magazine promoting the country was launched in early November and is about to put out its second issue. Essence Bahamas, a subsidiary of Essence of Time Ltd. concierge service is an on-line monthly publication sharing stories about Bahamian icons, local cuisine, entertainment, tours, landmarks, feature events, transportation services, and more of what The Bahamas has to offer.

Enriquie Butler, vice -president and co-founder of Bahamas Tours Operator’s Association (B.T.O.A.), who is also the magazine’s editor in chief said the following of what inspired the online publication, ” This magazine was birth out of the necessity to reveal more of what The Bahamas has to offer. Every day, week, month, or year we have talented Bahamians coming forth with their gifts that needs exposure to the world. This magazine does exactly that, and we will partner with various companies to expose readers to the talented Bahamians here in our country.”

“I have personally been a part of the tourism industry for more than 8 years, and I felt the need to showcase entrepreneurs that may not have received much publicity.  We hope to provide an avenue in which others can become successful.”

When asked about the future of my magazine, Butler said, “The vision of Essence Bahamas Magazine is to become a reputable magazine acknowledge by the Ministry of Tourism (M.O.T.) for its approach to keep the tourism product alive by exposing talented Bahamians that have contributions to add to developmental and productiveness of our country.”

“We also have plans to birth Bahamas On the Go Network (B.O.G.), which will be the media part of the magazine, where we will conduct interviews relevant to a tourism product to broadcast to the international media, with hopes to foster more tourism arrivals to The Bahamas. We look to partner with a media corporation that views this as vital part of the tourism industry. All news isn’t bad news, it’s just that we choose to not publicize bad news. Our aim is to create tourism news that will generate more investors and tourists to our Bahama Islands.”

“Our slogan, ‘Discover Our Hidden Treasures’ defines the nature of our business,” said Butler. “We intend to be the gateway for business professionals, families, and even individuals travelling to the sunny isles of The Bahamas. We intend to provide our readers with multiple choices of services thus exposing various Bahamians that have a unique product to be offered.”

By The Bahamas Weekly News Team