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Vainglorious ‘Bishop’ Brings Demon Message

'bishop' Neil Ellis and horse's ass

We know times are tough and that today managers have to think “outside the box” to raise revenue, but no one can match the genius of a bishop who Monday night filled his church and collection plate by promising to reveal the antics of “three demons” who threatened our country with destruction.

Of course, it had to be so, didn’t God join bishop Neil Ellis on a lonely walk and whisper the horror in his ear, instructing him to take the news back to save his people from the fires of hell? Like Moses coming down from the mountain with his tablet of ten commandments, bishop Ellis couldn’t wait to get back to the Bahamas to share with Bahamians God’s warning. However, unlike Moses, The Tribune’s reporter could not find a glow of holy light around the bishop’s head.

And as the bishop had anticipated, his “demons” had brought in enough of the gullible to justify the setting up of special monitors in the parking lot so that those who could not find a seat could still watch the circus.

Would you believe that this is the same bishop who during the May, 2002 election told his congregation from the pulpit that anyone among them who did not support the PLP at the polls should “haul hip.”

We just hope God has a sense of humour as He looks down on his foolish creatures. If He does He must be having a good belly laugh at some of these false prophets and their gullible followers.

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