Murder Accused Cop Shot Dead

corrupt law enforcement officialsAn allegedly crooked police officer, who was out on bail on a murder charge, was shot dead outside a nightclub in what may have been a revenge killing.

Kenneth Gibson, 31, was out on bail in connection with the murder of George Carey. Carey was stabbed on April 27, 2010, in an incident near Lockhart’s Bar on Wulff Road. Gibson, who was said to have been off-duty at the time, allegedly stabbed Carey who died in the hospital a short time later.

As is usually the case with murderers in The Bahamas, especially police officers, Gibson was released on bail. He was also charged in August, 2011, with firearm possession with intent to endanger the life of two police officers. He was released on bail again.

Mr Gibson was leaving the bar at around 5:30am yesterday when he was killed in a hail of bullets. His death brings the Bahamas murder count to 15 so far this year, one more than was recorded at this time in 2011, which saw the highest number of murders in one year.

The shooting appears to be conected with a number of other shootings that occurred in the vicinity of the same nightclub, which is located at the foot of the Paradise Island Bridge.

Three other victims were attacked in two separate incidents after they left the same nightspot.

Around 4:40am Sunday a man and a woman were shot after they left the club.

On Saturday, a man was shot in the stomach as he walked along Mackey Street near the club.

“These are not isolated incidents and we are doing everything that we possibly can to identify, arrest and bring to justice persons responsible for these latest violent crimes,” said Assistant Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson in a press conference.