Webshop Employees Should be Fine

It has been estimated that the annual earnings of web shop operators range between $400 million and $450 million – maybe more, more likely $500 million, which is half a billion dollars. By accumulating these earnings over the years it means that these operators have made a lot of money for themselves.

If they took a percentage of one year’s earnings and set it aside for compensation to staff retirement, say, 50 per cent (400,000,000/ 50% = $200,000.000). this will enable them to pay direct and indirect staff at full salary for the first year, then 3/4 salary for the second and subsequent years. There is also the option of lump sum payments to be assumed by an employer based on the number of years employed by each member. There should therefore be no loss of compensation as regards staff employed in these businesses.

Inquiring Mind
Nassau, Bahamas
January, 2013