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Solomon’s New Store Shows ‘Secure Investment’

Minister of State for Investment in the Office of the Prime Minister Khaalis Rolle said, on March 21, 2013, that the grand opening of the new Solomon’s Fresh Market represents a “secure investment” in the Bahamian people and the eastern New Providence communities.

“It is meaningful, not only because it is necessary, but because it is a Bahamian business significantly investing in its country,” Minister Rolle said during the Grand Opening Ceremony held that day at the Harbour Bay Shopping Plaza.

Minister Rolle said that investing in the Bahamian people is something that the Bahamas Investment Authority believes in and promotes every day.

“We are especially pleased when the investment comes to fruition, providing hundreds of jobs for Bahamians, through construction and direct employment with the business,” he added.

Minister Rolle noted that he was happy to hear that 92 people are employed at that location and applauded the parent company AML Foods Limited.

“We are also pleased when an investment adds value to Bahamian lives,” Minister Rolle added.  “Over the years, AML brands have become household names in The Bahamas and have added significant value and quality to the offerings they give to the Bahamian public.”

Among those present at the ceremony were AML Foods Limited CEO and President Mr. Gavin Watchorn, Chairman Dionisio D’Aguilar and Vice-Chairman Robert Sands.

Minister Rolle said that the newest Solomon’s Fresh Market to open placed an emphasis on healthy grocery options and providing the freshest foods possible to the consumer.

“The environment of the Market adds to the shopping experience,” Minister Rolle noted.  “It is a pleasant place to be.  It is spacious enough to for ease of shopping and the staff is friendly.

“And when you have friendly staff, it results in repeat customers.”

Minister Rolle pointed out that he is a repeat customer, too.

He said that this standard could not be underestimated because it adds to the quality of lifestyles of customers.  He added that the store has become the “market of choice”, meeting the needs of tourists and those coming from the nearby marinas and Paradise Island.

“I congratulate AML Foods Limited for their longevity and consistency in improving the offering in The Bahamas retail industry over the years,” Minister Rolle said.  “It demonstrates confidence in the Bahamian market – and this is vital for sustained development and helps to maintain the confidence Bahamians have in all of the brands they currently have under their umbrella.”

AML Foods Limited brands also include Solomon’s SuperCenter Nassau and Solomon’s Freeport, Cost Right Nassau and Cost Right Freeport and a Dominoes Pizza Franchise with about nine locations in The Bahamas.

On behalf of The Bahamas Government Minister Rolle wished AML Foods Limited every success in their endeavour and said he looked forward to future investments.

“I look forward to future job creation opportunities by the team at AML Foods Limited,” he added.  “Congratulations for this wonderful opening today.”

By Eric Rose
Bahamas Information Services

Posted in Lifestyle