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Munroe Issues Warning That Organized Crime Will take Over

The Bahamian web shop industry will likely fall into the hands of organised crime if established operators are forced to shut their businesses down, one of their attorneys telling Tribune Business: “I don’t think people understand how much trouble we are looking at”.

Wayne Munroe, who represents Island Game, Island Luck, FML, Asue Draw, Whatfall and Chances in their ongoing court battle with the Government, said the Bahamas could see a rise in organised crime, similar to the US experience during the alcohol prohibition era, if existing Bahamian operators were forced to shut down.

This, Mr Munroe implied, would drive the industry ‘underground’ or on to the Internet. There, unregulated and untouched by the authorities, it could fall prey to organised crime gangs and money laundering schemes.

“Does anyone really believe it’s going to stop?” the prominent attorney asked. “Gambling is like alcohol; you can prohibit it but you can’t stop it.”

Read the rest of Mr Munroe’s asinine comments by following the link to the Tribune article below.

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