Arrogance in Parliament

We are in serious trouble in The Bahamas when our parliamentarians have no understanding of Parliamentary debate.

If I did not watch with my own eyes, I could not have believed that the Minister of Education, Mr Jerome Fitzgerald, did not understand that when he provided information to the House of Assembly in his capacity as Minister, he is not endowed with divine powers so that no one is permitted to question him.

It would have been humorous, if not so serious, that he had to be reminded that Opposition Members had the full right and authority to question information provided by him to the House and to question the interpretation of the Minister of facts on the ground.

The arrogance of this slate of new PLP Parliamentarians and Cabinet Ministers is matched only by their inflated belief in their own intelligence and importance. What a sorry mess we find ourselves in, in this our 40th year of independence.

By:  Dismayed