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Call To Block Nygard’s Clifton Bay Application

Coalition to Protect Clifton Bay President Rev. C. B. Moss renewed his call for the government to reject an application from Canadian fashion designer and Lyford Cay resident Peter Nygard to lease Crown land in the Clifton Bay area.

Moss, who held a press conference in Rawson Square, claimed the waters in the Clifton Bay area were challenged by work carried out at Nygard Cay.

“This news alarmed the coalition, because while we had heard of periodic oil spills, they were described as minor by the authorities,” he said. “Therefore, the magnitude of the threat to the proposed sea park was of great concern to us.”

Prime Minister Perry Christie said in the House of Assembly last week that no approvals to dredge the waters or acquire land in the area have been given to Nygard or any other group.

He said upon coming to office last year he engaged a consultant to have a study done of the Clifton Bay area.

The study examined the accretion of land at Nygard Cay and the history of the Lyford Cay area, he said.

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