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Is It Now Time In The Bahamas For Capital Punishment?

THE DUPUCH brothers — Etienne and Eugene — had a different style of approach to a crisis, but when it came to basic principles, they were usually on the same page. However, capital punishment was one issue over which they did differ. Sir Etienne advocated capital punishment for the ruthless killer. Younger brother, Eugene Dupuch, QC, the eminent lawyer, was an abolitionist— no matter the circumstances of the crime, no one should hang. It was interesting to hear them toss their ideas back and forth. As a result, The Tribune stood for hanging for serious cases of murder.

Where do we stand today? Until recently we leaned more to the views of our Uncle Eugene. Once that rope is dropped, no one can undo a mistake if an innocent person happens to be at the end of that rope. In those days the occasional murder was a crime of passion.

Today we are dealing with a different Bahamian. A Bahamian who will callously tell you that he does not “give a toss” for another’s life. He seems devoid of all conscience. He is no respector of life, nor does he fear human authority. The more lives he can snuff out, the higher is his notch on his gang’s totem pole.

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