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Woodcock Primary Students Tour U.S. Coast Guard Cutter GANNET


A fifth grade class at Woodcock Primary School got quite a treat on Thursday, March 20 when they were invited to participate in a tour onboard the visiting U.S. Coast Guard Guard Cutter GANNET while docked at the Prince George Wharf.  The excited students were accompanied by class teachers Mrs. Claudia Sawyer and Ms. Willisa Robinson.  U.S. Embassy officials also on hand for the tour included Public Affairs Officer Neda Brown and U.S. Coast Guard representative, Lt. Matthew Lamb.

uscg-2The excited students, many of whom admitted that the experience was their first time onboard a ship, got a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with the ship’s captain, Sr. Chief Orlando and his thirteen member crew.

During the 90 minute tour, the students were split into groups and learned about the role of the U.S. Coast Guard including search and rescue and migrant interdiction.  The Coast Guard officers also highlighted the longstanding partnership with their Bahamian law enforcement counterparts at the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. The students’ interactive tour included lessons about boating and water safety and the proper use and importance of wearing life jackets and floatation devices.

The students were also given a tour of the ship’s bridge and galley and got a chance to participate in a simulation exercise on how the Coast Guard responds to fires on board distressed vessels while at sea.

The Coast Guard Cutter GANNET departed Nassau on March 22.  The ship’s homeport is Dania Beach, Florida.

United States Embassy, Nassau


Top: Woodcock primary students and teachers with US Coast Guard officers.

Side: 2: A U.S. Coast Guard officer demonstrates how they use floatation devices to assist in saving lives at sea.

Photo 1: Sr. Chief Orlando, Captain of the US Coast Guard Cutter GANNET greets Woodcock Primary students as they board the ship.
Photo 3 and 4: Woodcock primary students learn about the importance of life jackets and how they are properly worn.
Photo 5: These students learn how the Coast Guard uses water hoses to extinguish fires onboard vessels while at sea.
Photo 7: Woodcock primary students and teachers with US Coast Guard officers.

Photo 8:  Students receive a tour of the bridge onboard the US Coast Guard Cutter GANNET.

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