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No Jail Time For Woman Who Used Drugs for “Personal Problems”

drug-bustA woman told a magistrate that she used drugs because of personal problems.

Cynthia Murphy-Rahming, 59, of Exuma, was in tears as she admitted to possession of small amounts of cocaine and marijuana during her arraignment before Magistrate Andrew Forbes.

Asked why she had both drugs, Murphy-Rahming said she planned to lace her joint, adding that, “I’ve been going through some things.”

Murphy Rahming, who had a 1980 conviction for drug possession, said she had been clean for the past 10 years.

Forbes said nothing would be gained by sending Murphy-Rahming to prison. Instead he gave her a conditional discharge, mandating her to attend drug treatment for a year.

If Murphy-Rahming successfully completes the program, the case will be discharged. Failure to complete the program will result in six months’ imprisonment.

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