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Bahamaren CEO Meets With Ambassador Of China


His Excellency Yuan Guisen hosted the CEO of Bahamaren Latrae Rahming in a meeting to discuss multiple platforms to strengthen the economic and trade relationship between The Bahamas and China. Chinese investment in The Bahamas is emerging as an important part of The Bahamian– Chinese economic relationship. During the meeting both sides outlined how The Bahamas and China can forge a stronger alliance to maximize benefits that will strengthen industries and business in each country. The discussion focused on domestic issues, investment, trade, business, education and tourism activities. Three sectors have been identified as critical to the development of a long-term partnership between The Bahamas and China: tourism, education, and agriculture. Currently The Bahamas and China enjoy a mutually beneficial and prosperous relationship. Our company, with the support of the Embassy of China is aiming to strengthen The Bahamas engagement with China.

The whole purpose of this cooperation is the alignment of resources and efforts to identify opportunities linking them to key markets. The CEO indicated during the meeting that “The Bahamas needs to ensure it is in the best possible position to benefit from China’s continued growth and prosperity.” Bahamaren has promised to continue to promote China’s capability as a partner in The Bahamas’ social, cultural and economic development. The company understands its role in coordinating and leveraging its relationship with government and the private sector to build a trade and investment framework for businesses.

We will continue to develop a rich system of strategic relationships with China and the Bahamas at multiple levels of Government. Over the next few months we will effectively build the Bahamas’ profile along with providing the necessary framework for tourism, trade, investment and collaboration. The CEO of Bahamaren was able to articulate a clear vision about the opportunities presented by our relationship with China and outlined the steps we need to take in order to ensure these opportunities are an integral part of our country’s future. The ambassador expressed his confidence, support, and satisfactions with CEO’s ability to establish trade, investment and collaboration platforms with identified key stakeholders in China and The Bahamas.

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