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Miss Universe Costume Controversy

tomii-culmer-javotte-bethel-costumeIt is with outrage that I have just seen a post indicating that the winning entry for the Miss Bahamas costume designed by Javotte Bethel for the upcoming Miss Universe Pageant on January 25 has been discarded for a carnival inspired costume!

As a judge for this competition last year, I am disgusted that this foolishness is allowed to take place! This is a travesty and I cry shame on the Miss Universe Pageant Committee for allowing this to happen after holding the Miss Universe Pageant in The Bahamas recently and boldly allowing all contestants to wear Bahamian made Androsia and Bahama Hand Print outfits made by Bahamian designers.

Why are we allowing ourselves to be defined by others? Who are we? Where is our national pride? Wake up, Bahamas!

Pam Burnside

Posted in Opinions

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