Down the Rabbit Hole

pam-burnside“BJC and NHI will happen by hook or by crook!” shouted the Emperor as he stood majestically atop his armoured tank in the square, feathered and sequined in his tight fitting 2016 BJC costume. Triumphantly, he faced the cowering masses jammed against the barriers fiercely guarded by His Emperor-ship’s soldiers dressed in their ‘new brand’ riot gear, gas canisters at the ready.

Raising his fists in the air for dramatic flair he continued, “I am the most high and mighty, and you WILL do as I say”, as he thought smugly to himself: “What will my people do without me? I know the rule to rule – divide and conquer! Those rabble-rousers among them will soon be forgotten – we fixed them fine – the nerve of them clamouring for the use of commonsense to run my country! How delusional they are…..I am not common, I am the MOST HIGH! It is a scientific fact that in order to rise higher, you have to dig deeper! The point is: that is exactly what The Pointe is doing, and they have me, yes ME, to praise for that!”

“Making noise about one measly 12 million dollars from last year [suck teet]. There’s a whole lot more where that came from, and we WILL do it again! I can pluck as many double or triple digit millions as I want, from wherever I want – it is MY empire – it all belongs to me and to me alone. I can pick from the BAMSI money tree, I can pick from BOB, or I can pick from our new flourishing gaming bushes. They are all being fertilized real, real good with the best organic BS-grade fertilizers you can find! So of course I can afford to just pitch the funds down the never ending blue hole of debt – blue holes are endless – that’s what they’re for!”

“Didn’t they have a rip-roaring time at the 2015 BJC, gyrating up and down and getting drunk in the heat like the savages they are? It was hot out there you know – that’s why I love my Emperor’s new clothes. Why wear a bunch of clothes in that kind of heat, especially the women – the less the best. Ungrateful – that’s what they are – no matter how much free time off you give them!”

“As for those trouble makers making noise on the outside like S and P with their threat of downgrades, well the closer they get to a D the better because that will match absolutely perfectly with the national grade level – I am so brilliant!”

……and brilliance indeed shone brightly as the Emperor stood astride his tank, glittering from every angle as the sun’s rays caught the tricks sparkling and twinkling all around him, whilst the fedders swayed back and forth rhythmically in the island breeze… to be continued.

Pam Burnside

Down The Rabbit Hole part 2