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Horticultural Society Prepares For February Show

“Replenish your Hurricane ravaged garden at the Horticultural Society of the Bahamas (HSB) Annual Plant Sale” suggests Alma Evans, HSB President.

The popular event is set for Sat., Feb. 11,  8 a.m to 1 p.m. at the Bahamas National Trust’s  “The Retreat Garden,” Village Road, opposite Queen’s College.

“It’s also your perfect chance to buy healthy, reasonably priced plants as Valentine’s Gifts!” she says. “Children may enjoy shopping for gifts at the long tables of plants for $5 or less.”

“Please note the date, no longer the first Saturday of February!” says HSB Treasurer Sarah Lobosky, a past  HSB president. “Helping beautify the nation is one of the Society’s goals. As a result, unusual plants and sound advice on growing them are featured at our popular sale each year.”

Plant lovers still fly  to Nassau for the sale from all over The Bahamas, reports HSB Past President Dail Pearce. He will again be one of the special vendors, offering succulents and air plants in glass globes.

Other featured vendors include Flamingo Nursery for orchids and supplies, Past President Marina Greaves with her water garden features and other unusual containers and plants, bedding plants and fruit trees from the Errol Strachan’s Garden of Edem and stylish exhibits by Bev Evans.

“Say ‘Happy Valentines Day,’ with water plants, roses, orchids, or other exotic  or bedding plants – all at really good prices,” recommends former HSB president Eric Butler, who always brings a truck load of green goodies.

“Restock your garden Feb. 11 and prepare for Easter, at the big sale opposite Queen’s College.  There is no admission charge,” reminds Past President Cindy Wilde, who always brings dozens of well grown plants.

“It is smart to be one of the first in line for the opening.  The best stuff goes fast,” adds Mr. Butler. He adds, “Bring boxes!”

“There is always something new to spark a gardener’s imagination at this sale” says HSB President Evans. She reminds members to pay special attention to the condition of plants brought to the sale, “It should always looks like a plant show!”

Herbs and hanging baskets, bromeliads and orchids are always popular and in  great supply. Of special interest each year are hundreds, possibly thousands, of dramatic bromeliads, tiny tillandsias or “air plants” to gigantic hybrids with a five foot long leaf.  Members also often donate bare root plants to the sale for landscaping.

Publicity Chairman Sara Parker points out, “There are products designed to make bromeliads less attractive to mosquitoes if you are worried about bites. I recommend the bare root bromeliads which you can move around a new landscape until you get  it right! The BNT garden gives you great ideas on landscaping, too.” Mrs. Parker is a founding member of the HSB and hosts the popular home and garden show, “Bahamas Realty, Now.”

Plants range in price from less than a dollar to more than $100 depending on size and rarity. HSB members grow the plants and label them for sale with 10 per cent of the sale price going to the HSB.

No plants  will be sold before 8 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 11, said Mrs. Lobosky. She urges members to bring plants, labeled with proper sales tags, on Friday Feb. 10 as none will be accepted on Sale Day.

Savvy shoppers wear hats and sunscreen, arrive early and bring their own boxes, bags and trucks according to Bromeliad expert Beryl Sheasby. Some help is available for transporting large plants to the parking area, courtesy of Queen’s College.

Founded by the late Mrs. Sara Bardelmeier in 1983 the HSB conducts field trips and participates in horticultural shows. The HSB now includes more than 100 members, including all the local garden clubs, top horticulturalists, and family island growers.

HSB 2016 – 2017 Executives are: President Alma Evans, Vice President Shirlene Godet, 1st Vice President Cyprianna Stuart, Treasurer Sarah Lobosky, Asst. Treasurer Joanna Robertson, Secretary Georgette Dames, Asst. Secretary Rosella Armbrister, Historian Kent Lightbourn, Immediate Past President Barbara Archer.

“It’s business as usual this year and that’s about as good as it gets for a Bahamian Plant Sale,” says Pearce.

By P.S. News/Features

Top caption: HSB PLANT SALE COMMITTEE!–Blooming gift ideas of all shapes will hang out at the The Horticultural Society of the Bahamas (HSB) Annual Plant Sale, set for Saturday,  Feb. 11 from 8 am to 1 pm at the Bahamas National Trust’s headquarters, The Retreat, Village Road, opposite Queen’s College. Founded by the late Mrs. Sara Bardelmeier in 1983, the HSB conducts field trips and participates in horticultural shows. Helping beautify the nation is one of the society’s goals. As a result, unusual plants and sound advice on growing them are featured at the Society’s popular sale each year. The HSB now includes more than 100 members, including top horticulturalists and family island growers. HSB Plant Sale Committee members include: (from left) Secretary and Newsletter Editor Georgette Dames; Vice President Shirlene Godet; Historian Kent Lightbourne; President Alma Evans, 2nd Vice  President Cyprianna Stuart; Asst. Treasurer Joanna Robertson, Past President and Treasurer Sarah Lobosky. Photo by Sara Parker

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