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Rev Campbell: “Politicians are robbing spots from grass-root people!”

Fr. Solomon Sebastian Campbell seated in his Stall in the Cathedral.

NASSAU, BAHAMAS – Following the release of the 21 Bahamians expected to receive national honors, Reverend Canon Sebastian Campbell, who chairs the National Heroes Committee, said politicians are “robbing spots from grass-root people” on the list.

“The program is supposed to be for persons of lower degree,” he told Eyewitness News Online.

“It seems as though the committee has done no work at all to go to those far flung islands and cays to find the grassroot persons to honor them.

Criticizing the work of the National Independence Committee, which released the list of honorees on Independence Day last week, Campbell said, “politicians are robbing spots from grassroot people” and he was “sorely disappointed”.

He said this not the true objective of the honors program.

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