2008-04-10 07:42:57
Caricom e-learning introduces online help portal for regional CXC and University students
Since the introduction of the internet, and its gradual expanded influx into the Caribbean, regional students have used it as a comprehensive tool to resolve from the simplest of classroom assignments to the most complex of mathematical equations.
However, because most academic-aid websites such as “Yahoo Answers” are catered for United States and other Western educational systems, Caribbean students often find it most difficult to have their assignments, homework and research effectively resolved.
In despite of the early efforts of a few regional tech companies, students of the Caribbean community had never had the luxury of non-charged access to a website that is built for the sole benefit of Caribbean students desirous of accessing, interacting and sharing academic information that is truly conducive to the regions educational system.
In an effort to dispel this dilemma, Caricom e-learning Group spent just over two years of research and a US$25,000 investment, resulting in the creation of what is arguably the most technologically advanced interactive learning system in the Caribbean community, and a source of academic relief for regional students.
Today, with the entry of www.caricomelearning.com into a web browser, Caribbean students would discover a common virtual environment to discuss educational issues and help each other out with their academic challenges.
Built on technology licensed from Microsoft and Intelsoft Caribbean, the website offers registered users the opportunity to download customized learning software, tools and e-books, post homework help messages, chat with other Caribbean students, access a student pen pal directory, ask regional academic experts questions on various subject matters, and find answers to their assignments and research questions with ease.
Caricom e-learning believes that through effective interaction and information exchange, regional students would now be able to assist each other easier with their homework and other academic assignments.
A professional help subscription service is also available, where students or parents can retain an expert academic aid at Caricom e-learning to effectively assist the subscriber in finding the answer to virtually any answerable question in almost every subject matter within the Caribbean’s educational curricula.
To access most sections of the website, users are required to register for FREE, after which they would be able to login and utilize all functions on site without hindrance.
Because the site is relatively new, membership and active chat users may be at a minimum in most cases, but with gradual member registration, the site administrators are projecting that the benefits of using the site would become more obvious for students, teachers and parents alike.
Regional educational institutions are also encouraged to register their school in the site “school search directory”.
In addition to its standard web address www.caricomelearning.com, the Caricom e-learning website can also be accessed at: www.caricomelearning.net.
The entity is not affiliated with Caricom in any way and its website carries a disclaimer to that effect.
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