2008-05-21 16:18:42
Police Finally Investigate QC Student Sex Scandal
Police are investigating the events surrounding an alleged sex act involving two students of a New Providence high school.

"We investigate everything," Assistant Commissioner of Police Hulan Hanna told The Guardian yesterday. "Everything that comes to our attention, we investigate. But we cannot report on investigations to the public other than to say investigations continue.

"Members of the public tend to become emotional over issues, but as a police department, we follow leads and anything that comes to our attention we conduct investigations."

The Guardian has learnt that last month a 12th grade male prefect, who is the son of a politician, was suspended from the private school as punishment for engaging in a sex act with an underage girl on the school's campus.

The alleged incident between the boy, 17, and a 13-year-old ninth grader, reportedly took place during an after-school event.

Initially it was reported that the alleged act was caught on tape, but now it is said that the pair was allegedly found by a teacher.

Police could not confirm or deny the existence or even the condition and contents of a surveillance tape.

"Some investigations are short and some are long, and the police cannot conduct investigations in the media or public forum," Mr. Hanna said. "So I'm asking the public to bear that in mind. Because of the system that we operate under in The Bahamas, we cannot conduct investigations in the media."

The Ministry of Education is reportedly also investigating these allegations.

In The Bahamas the legal age for consensual sex is 16. The incident is, allegedly, one in a series of sex scandals involving school-aged children.

By Stephen Gay, Guardian Staff Writer
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