2008-06-18 09:00:06
Prostitution Is Big Business In The Bahamas
More than two dozen illegal immigrants have been arrested and deported in the past six months for suspicion of prostitution, but officials admitted yesterday that it is just a glimpse into a much larger problem.

Director of Immigration Vernon Burrows told The Guardian that his department has received reports about non-Bahamian nationals participating in local prostitution rings.

"There is not a significant number," said Burrows. "The Department of Immigration has made some arrests ourselves of some 31 females, not all at once, but over a period of time, who might have been involved in prostitution. There is no significant number but we believe there is far more than we detected."

In the past year, two major busts involving prostitution dens that specialize in supplying 'johns' with non-residents have occurred in the capital. Most recently, a brothel on West Bay Street was shut down on Monday after a police and immigration raid.
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