2008-07-24 14:58:23
TV Show Scrubs Films Episode in Hope Town, Bahamas
The hit show Scrubs, apparently, is very popular in the Bahamas. Bill Lawrence, the series creator, jumped at the opportunity to film on the small Bahamian island, especially since local officials offered to foot the bill for the shoot.

He says, "There were no roads, and they had rolling blackouts every couple of hours but it was one of the best experiences I've had."

"It's a fantastically funny episode, where (actor) Neil Flynn gets married in the Bahamas. He invites 700 people to the Bahamas on three days' notice because all he wanted was the gifts. He didn't want anybody to show up.

"We were on a little island called Hope Town in the Bahamas. The population is 300, and we brought 84 people there, so we increased their population by about a third.

"I hired myself as the preacher that marries Neil and his wife-to-be."
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