2009-02-13 16:12:16
Bahamian Politician Arrested in Cuba For Sex Crimes
PLP party officials refuse to confirm or deny reports that a former PLP MP has been arrested in Cuba, reportedly for having sex with young boys.

The Punch has been unable to confirm reports that a former PLP MP is allegedly in jail for sissying in Havana, Cuba. Senior PLP party officials were tight-lipped on the report. They refused to confirm or deny that the ex-PLP MP had been jailed in Cuba.

But reliable PLP and FNM sources told Punch that "so far as they knew, the ex-PLP MP was being held in a Cuban jail for a sexual offence".

A high-ranking Immigration official told Punch: "I was informed he was arrested by Cuban cops for having sex-romps with young boys."

A former PLP MP said: "I understand an ex-PLP MP Is In jail in Cuba for slssylng with young boys." The ex-MP is famed for being a swinging, bi-sexual switch-hitter. He is reputed to be a half-sissy who, likes to sleep with boys and girls. He reportedly broke Cuba's new strict laws which ban tourists from having sex with local Cubans in state-run hotels. Tourists must take Cubans to special guest houses for sex.

The ex-MP had stopped in Havana on his way from Nassau to London, England. He was in Nassau over the Christmas holidays. The ex-MP was reportedly staying with a senior PLP MP while he was in Nassau.

Attempts to contact The Bahamas Embassy in Havana failed. Nobody answered the phone yesterday. It is reportedly the second time that a PLP politician has been jailed in Cuba. An unnamed PLP MP was allegedly locked up in Havana during the reign of the Perry Christle-led PLP Government. The PLP MP had allegedly also been arrested in Havana for a sexual offence.

A PLP lawyer reportedly flew to Havana to negotiate the release of the PLP MP. The lawyer allegedly paid corrupt Cuban law enforcement officers $25,000 to have the PLP MP freed. Former Cuba President Fidel Castro imposed the new strict sex laws a few years ago.

Castro implemented the laws in a bid to reduce the risk of Cubans catching sexual diseases, especially AIDS, from foreigners. Castro also wanted to clean up Cuba's unsavoury image of being the "sex-tourism whorehouse of the Caribbean".

Source: The Punch
Nassau, Bahamas
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