2010-03-15 08:00:23
Robin Hood to Expand to Family Islands
Robin Hood is planning on taking its brand to the Family Islands as soon as March 22nd.

Mr. Robin Hood, well-known retailer Sandy Schaefer, plans to expand his operations while he searches eastern New Providence for a site to build another location.

Monthly stores will target the Family Islands. Initially, Exuma, Eleuthera, Long Island, Cat Island, South Andros, North Andros, Central Andros, Harbor Island and Spanish Wells are on the list.

President and owner, Schaefer says this is about bringing the brand to more customers in a wider market.

"We will be bringing refrigerated containers containing meats, produce, dairy as well as a huge assortment of dry groceries and HBC. All of these items will be available at the same prices we currently charge in Nassau plus a nominal surcharge of 12 percent to cover our additional shipping and handling expenses. Upon subsequent visits we will also be able to accommodate special orders for assorted hard goods such as air conditioning systems, major appliances, small appliances, house wares and even clothing.

"As customer demand dictates we may even look at twice a month. It is the latest innovative move by Robin Hood to get our prices to more customers."

With a new Robin Hood opening in eastern New Providence, this will help create about 100 jobs in the $7 million store.

"We are progressing, we are inching along, perhaps the pace is quite what we anticipated but these things sometimes take time.

"We have three locations in mind, two we already have bids on so far and the third we'll probably have a bid in by next weekend.

"They are very different types of prospects, one which we have bidded on is practically 'turn-key' we could move in and be up and running in maybe 60 days, whereas the others would take a little longer."

A third location is in the cards, says Mr. Schaefer, however construction has been pushed back for now.

The first Robin Hood location is a 104,000 sq ft building on Harrold Road, now known as the Tonique Williams-Darling Highway.

Currently 225 workers are employed there. Should anyone want to work at a Family Island monthly store or a new location, please call 242-676-8000 to apply.
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