Brawl Breaks Out At Marios Bowling Palace

At about 11pm onĀ  Saturday night a major brawl broke out at Marios Bowling and Entertainment Palace, owned by Leslie Miller.

Police responded to calls and took twelve people into custody for disorderly behaviour, making threats and resisting arrest.

Leslie Miller said, “There were two or three fights but things were brought back under control pretty quick. Every other Saturday we have a crowd, this time there over 2,000 kids – getting ready to go back to school – so of course within that crowd there will be some gangs.”

Leon Bethell, Head of the Central Detective Unit was unable to confirm the number of minors present at the time but did confirm that the individuals arrested were all adults.

Leslie Miller said, “We have a no tolerance policy, that means if someone causes a problem we call the police and get rid of them.”