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Caribbean Broadband Company Interested In The Bahamas

TeleNetworks Broadband Solutions, a regional network solutions company based in Puerto Rico, is interested in expanding throughout the Caribbean and has it’s sights set on The Bahamas. Vice President of Sales and Business Development Robert Laracuente identified The Bahamas as one of the top countries to continue to build its business.

“We do want to increase our footprint in the Caribbean, and The Bahamas, of course, is one of the prime targets, “Laracuente said. “We know that the Caribbean is exploding in terms of projects and investments and next year seems to be very promising.”

TeleNetworks already has a working relationship with the local Bahamian company BaTelCo (BTC) having provided assistance to them on various projects. Laracuente says they are aware of the privatization process currently underway with BTC but does not believe the changes will affect its current operations.

“Since[BTC]will be privatized, it surely will come under the hands of new management, and new management will always want to revise standing contracts and build new relationships,” said Laracuente. “We will have to work with our current reputation[with]the company to be able to build that rapport with the new investors.”

Laracuente said the new partnership with BTC would enable his company to tap into the huge growth potential for broadband growth existing in the Caribbean. He says the full potential has not yet been reached. According to Internet World Stats from June, only 23 percent of the population in the Caribbean have Web access, with more double and triple play services expected to increase usage.

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