Nygard Helps Bahamian Boxer Achieve Gold

After taking a couple of weeks off to relax and bask in the glory of his gold medal performance at the recent Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, amateur boxing star Valentino Knowles, 22, is now looking to ahead to the Commonwealth Games in India in October and the 2010 London Olympic Games.

Knowles took part in three major international tournaments so far this year. He won silver at the Continental Boxing Championships, he won silver at the Commonwealth Boxing Championships in India, he made history becoming the first Bahamian to win a boxing match at the World Boxing Championships in Italy, and he capped those performances with the CAC gold medal – the first for a Bahamian in boxing.

Knowles and hos teammate Carl Heild are both on government subvention but have also received “tremendous” financial and moral support from fashion designer Peter Nygard.

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