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Bishop Demands Ban on Gay Teachers

Outspoken Bishop Simeon Hall is demanding that the Bahamas Ministry of Education ban all “homosexuals, lesbians, and heterosexual predators” from the nation’s classrooms ahead of the opening of the new school year.

In a statement issued to the media yesterday, Bishop Hall said the ministry should “assure” the public that these sexual “deviants” would not be allowed into the nation’s classrooms.

“It is incredulous that some incidences of sexual abuse could exist in some schools without someone making an outcry. It is my humble opinion that the Ministry of Education could be liable if it allows
“known” sexual deviants to remain in the nation’s classrooms.

“You don’t put the fox to tend the chickens.

“Parents themselves must do more and recognize that theirs is the responsibility to protect their children. Some parents knowingly prostitute the innocence of their children for a couple of dollars,” he said.

Additionally, Bishop Hall said that any and all efforts by “gay and lesbian groups to further infiltrate” the country’s schools should be met with “an instant defence and resistance.”

“The guilty silence of both parents and some persons in the academic world was (and still is) the seed-bed in which recent cases in New Providence and the Family Islands have flourished,” Bishop Hall claimed.

By: Paul Turnquest
Source:  The Tribune

Posted in Religion

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