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Bahamas Sunrise TV Host Flees Cutlass Attack

TV host and attorney Romauld Ferreira narrowly escaped a cutlass attack in a case that police think might be connected to the Raymond Bastian murder last weekend.

Mr Ferreira was assaulted as he was arriving at his law office on East Street north around 8:30am.

A man selling breadfruit approached him. After Mr Ferreira declined to purchase any, the man allegedly attacked him with a cutlass.

Mr Ferreira dropped his cell phone as he ran from his attacker.  The assailant did not stop to pick up the phone, leading police to believe that robbery was not the motive for the attack.

Mr Ferreira received minor lacerations to his ear and neck. He was treated at the hospital.

Ferreira was expected to appear in the Supreme Court yesterday for the start of the attempted armed robbery trial of Ryan Omar Butler and the now deceased Raymond Bastian.

Bastian was gunned down on Saturday night on Abundant Life Road in what police have described as a “drive-by shooting.”

Yesterday, the jurors in the trial were informed that Ferreira was “ill” and that the trial was expected to reconvene today.

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