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Deveaux Incident Reveals Bigger Problem

During a  radio show interview it was revealed that Earl Deveaux, Minister of the Environment, supposedly, tendered his resignation to the Prime Minister, who refused it.

The resignation mentioned on the show was proffered in light of the recent scandal over Deveaux’s free rides in the Aga Khan’s helicopter while there is a pending application before the Ministry of the Environment, by the Aga Khan, to perform dredging and excavations in the protected Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park.

The Aga Khan owns a private island within the boundaries of the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, which is the world’s first and oldest conservation park of its kind.

The bigger problem revealed here is one that has been shown in many previous situations over the decades… that the Bahamas government is a puppet for the wealthy.

Many other environmentally questionable developments have been approved because of the influence of the rich on Bahamian politicians, who act like star-struck little kids when the rich or famous flash their cash. Peter Nygard’s unrestrained development in Lyford Cay is but one example.

And it is not only limited to development, Shane Gibson caught the bug when he fast-tracked a residency application for Anna Nicole Smith. There may a little of this involved in the Baha Mar deal as well.

The Aga Khan should receive no special treatment just because he is a billionaire. If a Bahamian wanted to dredge up a protected park, their application would be rejected immediately. The Aga Khan’s application for such environmentally damaging work should not even be considered based on the location. However, the old adage “money talks” has never been proven more true than in The Bahamas.

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