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Nine Bahamian Straw Vendors Arrested in US

The United States is finally taking action against the Bahamas for the rogue nation’s lack of enforcement of copyright and intellectual property rights.

The Nassau Guardian reports that nine Bahamians were arrested in a New York airport over the weekend and are being detained in the United States in connection with “an ongoing criminal investigation”, according to U.S. Immigration officials.

The Tribune says 10 Bahamians… who ya gonna believe?

The straw vendors – all women – were taken into custody by the United States Customs and Border Control Protection (CBP) after they had already checked into their Jet Blue flight on Saturday.

The Bahamas, which signs treaties and “talks the talk”, fails to “walk the walk” when it comes to the enforcement of international copyright laws.

Vendors selling fake designer handbags, pirated DVDs and other violations of intellectual property rights are rampant throughout the Bahamas, even at events sponsored by the government.

Not to mention the fact that, for years, Cable Bahamas, a publicly traded company in The Bahamas, made a living stealing satellite TV signals and selling the programming to Bahamian viewers.

A representative of CBP was unable to give more information, due to “privacy issues”.

However, the Guardian reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Spokesperson Khaalid Walls confirmed the women are being held.

Asked why they are being detained, Walls would only say that they are a part “of an ongoing criminal investigation”. He said charges could be filed as early as tomorrow, but he did not say what charges.

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