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Years Of Inaction Have Led To Crime Crisis

Much of our crime, including murder, is done by repeat offenders, quite a number of who are out on bail. Incidents of crime and murder would be fewer, and the rate of crime would be lower had we addressed earlier how to deal with this class of criminal.

Several years ago, the Privy Council in London made a judgement on how long someone can be held on remand before being allowed bail.

After that, the clock started ticking on a potential surge in crime from known criminals who were now going to be free to walk the streets and commit new crimes.

There are things the FNM government could have done better on the crime front.

But for the PLP to continually and conveniently lay the blame for most of the country’s crime on the FNM is dishonest.

There are many sides to a story.

A big part of the story is what the PLP failed to do during five years in office to address a looming crisis on the horizon.

This potential crisis was the possibility of so many repeat offenders out on bail in light of the Privy Council’s decision.

What the PLP failed to do then could have helped to prevent many of today’s crimes and deter career criminals.

Rather than talking fool today, the PLP should admit what they could have done back then, but never did. The PLP talked plenty about Swift Justice.

This was more public relations than reality. There was no swiftness in amending the Bail Act, no swiftness in building more courts and hiring the number of additional judges needed to address the backlog of cases.

There was no swiftness in putting things in motion to introduce electronic bracelets for repeat offenders.

For a late-again PLP to try to convince us of their swiftness on the crime front when last in office, is like a counterfeiter trying to convince us that his fake $100 Blue Marlins are real.

The problem is that upon closer inspection, you realize that things don’t add up.

The continued increase in violent crime, which is a Caribbean-wide crisis, is the result of many things, including issues that were not addressed over many years. This includes things the PLP did not do when they had a chance. One of the good things the PLP did do was to begin a serious process of prison reform.

This government has wisely continued this effort. Crime is a national problem for which we are all responsible. This includes those of us who tolerate and turn a blind eye to various crimes. It also includes both the PLP and FNM, and what they do or fail to do when in office.

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