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Ongoing Raw Sewage Spill Raises Concerns In Freeport

After years of suffering the foul odours caused by the spill of raw sewage from a manhole on Rum Cay Drive in Bahamia, residents are calling for the problem to be eliminated.

According to Stacy Williams, property manager at the Freeport Resort and Club, the sewage located in front of the property has been overflowing for the 10 years she has been at the Resort and despite complaints, something has yet to be done about it.

“We had the Port Authority come out and they were supposed to do something about it. At last word they were in discussions and things were going to get done, unfortunately we still have the incident occurring,” Williams said.

The latest raw sewage spill took place on Wednesday, causing a great inconvenience to clients at the Resort.

Williams said the problem is extremely embarrassing for the Resort because guests are forced to inhale the unpleasant odour, but that is not the only issue she has.

The spill she said is a health hazard and can have serious implications if it gets into the water table as many people drink the water.

“It’s a health issue and it’s just disgusting,” Williams said. “I wish they would resolve it.”

Area resident Ryan Carroll also ranted about the ongoing problem which he said has been occurring frequently.

“Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, at the back of my house there’s a smell of stinky sewer water all over the neighbourhood,” he said.

Carroll added that sometimes raw sewage spews from the manhole several times a week.

Besides being bad for the Resort in the area, Ryan said he is disturbed by the health problems that can arise out of the unsanitary conditions brought on by the spillage.

“People are driving by this sewer and all of this sewer water with bacteria in it, Carroll said.

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